Zamárdi Hotel, where each holiday is an experience

Mar. 14. 2024.

Zamárdi Hotel, where each holiday is an experience

Mar. 14. 2024.

Platán Hotel Zamárdi

Before you embark on the perfect holiday, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind when selecting where to stay. Your room will definitely need to be comfortable and well equipped, the surroundings pleasant, tidy and situated in the heart of nature. It is also essential to make sure the leisure activities and amenities you need are within reach. Zamárdi Hotel Platán is a boutique hotel with a family atmosphere, where you are guaranteed to find everything you could possibly need for a truly refreshing and relaxing holiday.


The family hotel that ticks all your boxes!

Zamárdi Hotel Platán is more than a hotel: it is a friendly place that can be your home away from home, and where everyone can enjoy the holiday of their dreams. The family-friendly atmosphere and attentive staff ensure your time spent here will be relaxing and all your requirements are met.

Thanks to the amenities offered at Hotel Platán, you will feel like you’re spending your break in a secret paradise. If the mood to explore strikes you, you can rent a bike right here at the hotel, and if you want to enjoy some active recreation without leaving your accommodation, why not make use of our pool table or the outdoor sports facilities in the garden. Zamárdi Hotel Platán also has an event hall, suitable for small company events or celebrations, but it is also the ideal place to stay for those vacationing with their families, friends or just a significant other. But wait, there’s more! You can even bring your four-legged friend with you, and they will receive a warm welcome just like any other guest.


Zamárdi Platán Hotel – Pool

A good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed

The hotel has 16 rooms, each with its own balcony, and each equipped and furnished to a high modern standard.

Our comfortable, soft beds guarantee that you will awaken refreshed every morning, feeling ready to explore all the wonders Zamárdi and the surrounding area have to offer. Our high-quality mattresses and comfy bedding provide complete comfort, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to stay in bed all day!


Zamárdi Platán Hotel – A double room


Air-conditioned accommodation with breakfast and many more extras

Each room offers a view of the garden and a balcony with patio furniture. When it comes to your comfort, we have covered all the bases. The soundproofed walls and mosquito nets guarantee you can rest undisturbed, and you can even set a comfortable temperature using the air-conditioning unit. We also offer free Wi-Fi and secure parking to our guests. The price of the room includes generous buffet-style breakfast, so each day of your stay is guaranteed to get off to a good start.


Zamárdi Platán Hotel – The room price includes buffet-style breakfast


Relax in a beautiful, green paradise

Zamárdi Hotel Platán has its own private garden, offering a beautiful, well-kept environment for guests looking to relax in the heart of nature. The garden has a volleyball court and a playground, offering opportunities for active recreation to all, regardless of age. There is even a pool in the shade of the giant plane trees, so you can have a refreshing splash whenever you feel like it. Lie back in one of the comfortable sun loungers by the pool, bask in the sun, pick up a book, or just drink in your surrounding and enjoy these moments of perfect relaxation.


The holiday season is starting: Zamárdi Hotel Platán opens on 26 April 2024

Relax in Zamárdi, the most exciting town on the southern shore

Zamárdi is one of the most attractive towns along the southern shore of Lake Balaton, with a range of options to relax and recuperate on offer around the year. A Zamárdi Hotel Platán provides not only comfortable accommodation and a beautiful, green garden but also the ideal starting point to explore everything worth seeing in the surrounding area. The hotel is only two minutes away from Lake Balaton, so you can enjoy an authentic waterfront experience whenever the mood takes you. The town itself is full of exciting activities and events, whether you are looking for exhilarating water sports, local culinary treats or awe-inspiring natural wonders.

When you are visiting Zamárdi, you will find a host of historical monuments, ancient and atmospheric little churches, fantastic hiking spots, museums and breathtaking views, which guarantee that you will never be bored. Climb the steps to Kőhegy Mountain and make some unforgettable memories of the jaw-dropping panorama of Lake Balaton. Or hop on the ferry in nearby Szántód, and visit Tihany Peninsula. Spring weather is ideal for all kinds of excursions. At this time of year, Lake Balaton is a sparkly blue, the flowers are blooming everywhere… this is quite simply a great place to be.

But there is a reason Zamárdi attracts more than just nature-lovers. During the summer, this town becomes the festival capital of Lake Balaton, and hosts a long list of excellent music events featuring the best of international and Hungarian talent.


Enjoy even better prices in the off-season

If you love Lake Balaton and crave an authentic holiday experience, why not make the most of what the off-season has to offer! You can enjoy a perfect break even in the spring, and pay less to boot. Zamárdi Hotel Platán takes off-season bookings from 26 April 2024. Both our hotel and the wonderful beaches of Lake Balaton offer the same magical experiences at this time of year as during the summer. If you need more than one holiday a year, you could do much worse than visiting us several times because Zamárdi is always full of life and you are guaranteed to find some brand new experiences in each season.


Booking made simple

Don’t miss out on this friendly hotel and all the unique experiences it has to offer! Book your room at Zamárdi Hotel Platán early, because they are snatched up very quickly. You can book your accommodation simply online, with just a few clicks, and it will be reserved for you once you have paid the deposit using your debit or credit card.