General Prize Game Regulation

Scope of Regulation: This present Prize Game regulation (hereinafter referred to as: the ‘Regulation’) shall apply to the free Prize Games announced by Brovama Kft. (hereinafter referred to as: the ‘Game’) with the specific terms and conditions set forth for the Game concerned.
The Organiser of the Game is Brovama Vállalkozási Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság [Brovama Enterprises Limited Liability Company] (company seat: 7625 Pécs, Hunyadi utca 19; Trade registration number: 02-09-083020, hereinafter referred to as: the ‘Organiser’).
Any applicant participating at the Game, shall automatically accept the provisions of this present Regulation and be bound by the same without any further legal act.

1. Persons participating at the Game:

Any Internet user natural person over the age of 18 with a Facebook profile and a domicile or residence in Hungary may participate at the Game (hereinafter referred to as: the ‘Player’) who voluntarily participates at the Game during the announced period of the Game.

If the Player is restricted in disposing capacity, then the Player is only entitled to the prize related administration in merit and to receive the prize together with his or her legal representative.

If the Player is incapable of action, only his or her legal representative may act on his or her behalf.

The following persons are not eligible to participate at the Game: owners, executives, employees, agents of the Organizer and their close relatives; other natural persons, owners, executives, employees, agents of other companies directly involved in the implementation, and the close relatives of the aforementioned persons.

2. Duration of the Game:

The duration of the game, the submission deadline and the date of the drawing of lots can be found in the descriptions of the certain specific Games. It is possible to participate at the Game and to apply for it on the day of the submission deadline until the hour specified for the particular game. Applications received before the start and end of the period of the Game will be invalid.

3. Applying for participation at the Game:

You may apply for the participation at the Game by answering all the questions asked in relation to the specific Game, or by satisfying any other conditions set forth for the specific Game, by submitting material or by registering in the case of a vote, and by providing the complete data requested for the specific Game. Applying for the participation at the Game is only valid if these terms are jointly met.

Participation at the Game is not subject to the purchase of a product.
The launch of the Game will be announced publicly by the Organizer.

4. The Prize:

The prizes of the Games can be found in the description of each Game. If the designated product or service is not available at the time of receipt of the Prize, then a gift similar in value shall be handed over. The Prizes are not transferable. In no case can Prizes be converted to cash.

5. Selection and notification of winners:

The Prizes will be drawn after the completion of each Game among those Players who have correctly answered the question(s) asked in respect of the Game during the Game or, if applicable, have registered and voted validly.
The Organizer will notify the winners of the draw of lots of the details how to take over the prize within 48 hours after the draw of lots, by way of e-mail or Facebook. The Organizer will first attempt to notify the winner on the Player’s Facebook accessibility.

The Organizer disclaims any liability in the case if the Winner is not notified of the prize due to any inaccuracies or changes in the data provided by the Player or due to the inability of the Player’s own mailbox to receive the e-mail.

If the Winner does not apply within 48 hours of being contacted, the game will be resumed under similar conditions.

The Organizer will publish the name of the Winner and the settlement where the Winner lives. Players consent to this by providing their details.

6. Receipt of the Prize:

Prizes will be delivered by the Organizer not later than the 90th day as of the draw. The time required for mailing may take even one month. The Organizer will make every effort possible to deliver the prizes as soon as possible.

Depending on the nature of the Prize, the delivery may be effected by way of post or electronic means.

Sending or delivering Prizes abroad is not possible, Prizes can only be delivered within Hungary.

Complaints regarding delivery can be made at the Organizer. If the Organizer is unable to reach the Winner at any of the specified contact details or deliver the Prize to the address given by the Winner, the Prize will be re-drawn within the framework of other promotions.

Players are required to cooperate in order to take over/use the Prize. If they fail to do so and the acceptance of the Prize fails, the Prize cannot be taken over or used any longer, and the Organizer shall have no liability whatsoever.

7. Data processing:

Recording personal data is based on the voluntary consent of the Players, the processing of the personal data of the Winners(s) is based on Act XCII of 2003 on the Rules of Taxation, Act C of 2000 on Accounting and Act CXVII of 1995 on Personal Income Tax.
Players may object to the processing of their personal data, in which case the Organizer will terminate the data processing and block the data. Players acknowledge that their request to erase data may also terminate their participation at the Game if it is technically impossible to participate at the Game in the absence of such data.
If the data subject considers that he or she has been adversely affected by the processing of his or her personal data, he or she may lodge a complaint to the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.
The Organizer’s Data Processing Information note sets forth the data processing practices of the Organizer, the data processing demands to which the Players are entitled to and other data processing terms and conditions not regulated in this present Prize Game Regulation.

8. Liability:

The Organizer shall not be liable for any deficiencies in registration or applications (misspelt name, address at application, few responses, etc.) or for any delay in notification or delivery.

Players shall bear all the consequences arising, if they may have provided any information erroneously or if their mailbox is unable to receive e-mails.
The Organizer is usually not in a position to verify the correctness of the data when Players apply for the participation at the Game (or thereafter). All and any responsibility, as well as the legal and financial consequences thereof shall be borne solely by the Players in any case.

The Organizer assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, reliability, error-free operation, completeness or fitness for a specific purpose of the Game. Furthermore, the Organizer shall not be held liable if during the period of the Game, the Game or the webpage containing the Game and this present Regulations are temporarily unavailable due to technical reasons.

Furthermore, the Organizer shall not be held liable for errors or consequences arising from causes beyond its control (for example, technical failure, overload in the Internet network, or the disruption or disconnection of the Internet connection).

If any action or proceeding is brought by any third party or any authority or court against the Organizer as a result of or in connection with the conduct of the Player, the Player shall take all actions required by the Organizer and compensate the Organizer for any loss or pecuniary loss and any costs incurred by the Organizer due to or in conjunction with any unlawful conduct of the Player.