Programmes in Zamárdi – Its time for the summer!

Jun. 20. 2024.

Programmes in Zamárdi – Its time for the summer!

Jun. 20. 2024.

zamárdi programok Kőröshegy levendulás Platán Hotel

Discover Zamárdi with the recommendation of Platán Hotel

Summer is here and it’s time to enjoy every moment of life! Zamárdi, one of the gems of the southern shore of Lake Balaton, is an ideal destination for relaxation. Everyone can find what they’re looking for here. You’ll find places to go hiking, music, gastronomy and cultural events, fragrant flower fields, extreme adventures and a relaxing environment.

Explore the countless opportunities the city has to offer, as the diversity of the programmes in Zamárdi and its charming locations will truly make your summer a memorable experience!

Platán Hotel provides a comfortable base for new discoveries. In this pleasant environment, you can recharge your batteries and embark on Zamárdi’s array of programmes with renewed energy. Below are some excellent recommendations to enhance your holiday experience.


Zamárdi is open!

Summer programmes in Zamárdi

The hosts of Zamárdi have joined forces to make it easy for you to find good programmes and delicious snacks here on the shores of Lake Balaton all year round. As part of the Zamárdi Nyitva (Zamárdi Open) initiative, you can find all the current programmes in Zamárdi and places open for a refreshing drink or a light snack on one page.

On 22 June, unwind at the 1st ZAM Picnic Party event on the Zamárdi Free Beach, and on 24 June, set off from Templom tér for a Saint John’s Eve time travel with an unusual city walk. The summer is a busy time with a variety of light and classical music events and programmes in Zamárdi. All you have to do is browse the current offer.



Festival Season

From mid-June the high season starts, which means one thing for the programmes in Zamárdi: a period of large-scale music festivals. During the summer Balaton Sound Festival, Strand Festival and many other events will take place at various venues around Zamárdi.


Beach experiences and water adventures in Zamárdi

In the months ahead, you won’t be bored, as Zamárdi’s best programmes will be intertwined, and summer will unfold along the shores of Lake Balaton.

Beaches are free along the entire 10 kilometers of Zamárdi’s coastline. The Zamárdi Free Beach is a centrally located 3-kilometer-long beach offering pleasant shaded areas, water sports, beach buffets, restaurants, sports fields, playgrounds, and a lot of swimming opportunities.


Dog Beach

In Zamárdi, at Mirabella Camping, there is also a dog beach, where guests of the Platán Hotel have free access. So if you come with your pets, the water adventures are also waiting for them.


Bucket List Excursions

You can also add a little extra excursion to your holiday, as the area is rich in sights worth exploring.


Kőhegy Lookout

The Kőhegy Lookout, built on the site of a former press house, is one of the favourite destinations of our guests. After climbing a few steps, you can enjoy an unparalleled panorama. You can take an easy walk from Szamárkő along the cellar-row to the top of Kőhegy. The beauty of the area has been known for centuries, as Kőhegy was inhabited by the Celts and Romans. And the views of the surrounding mountains and Lake Balaton are definitely worth the effort.


Exploration on two wheels

Cycling is one of the most popular ways to explore Lake Balaton. A cycling adventure should also be included in your programmes in Zamárdi. The lake is surrounded by cycle paths and countless attractions are waiting for you. You can also rent a bike at Platán Hotel, so you can start your excursions directly from your accommodation.


Szántód Ferry

A holiday in Zamárdi is not complete without a boat trip! The easiest way to set sail is to take the Szántód Ferry, which is waiting for you in the neighbourhood of Zamárdi to take you on a little adventure to the north coast of Lake Balaton. Visiting the Tihany Peninsula on the other side of Lake Balaton is not only easy this way but also a great experience.



Zamárdi Adventure Park

A visit to Zamárdi Adventure Park is the perfect choice if you enjoy challenges and active recreation. The park has tracks of varying difficulty, so there is something for all ages to enjoy. Adventure tracks, slides and water attractions test your skills and courage, and the diving tower is a real adrenaline rush.

The park is set in a vast area with woods and groves, so you can expect not only excitement but also a real close-to-nature experience. You don’t have to leave your puppies at home either; you can bring them with you to the park.

Zamárdi Adventure Park can be a pleasant programme for families as well, as there are suitable forms of entertainment for younger children, ranging from the adventure train, through the labyrinth to treasure panning.


programmes in zamárdi Kőröshegy Lavender Field Platán Hotel


The scent of lavender and the joy of life on Kőröshegy

The Kőröshegy Lavender Field is one of the largest flower gardens on Lake Balaton, in the immediate vicinity of Zamárdi, and the flower harvest and farm is open for guests until mid-August. Both French and English lavender varieties are grown on the hillside, so the blooms will delight visitors throughout the season. You can also bring your pets with you to the lavender field.

Not only can you return home from Kőröshegy with a bouquet of fragrant summer flowers, but also with unforgettable experiences, as the events at the Kőröshegy Lavender Field are a highlight of the programmes in Zamárdi.

Between 22 and 23 June 2024, the Lavender Festival will take place, where you can take part in a soap making workshop, watch the essential oil distillation process, enjoy lavender delicacies and take part in other crafting activities.




Take a break at Platán Hotel

If you want to relax a bit in your accommodation after the memorable programmes in Zamárdi and the many experiences, simply lie down on a sun lounger in the garden of the Platán Hotel, by the pool, and enjoy the sweet idleness. You can relax in the comfort of your room after your adventures and begin the day with a hearty buffet breakfast.



Booking your accommodation online is easy and you can secure your reservation by paying a deposit fee. You can pay for your accommodation using a credit card or a debit card.

Platán Hotel is a small family-friendly accommodation. Our range of rooms consists of 16 rooms with terraces, which are very popular, so you should book your place as soon as possible. Breakfast is included in the price and the rooms have everything you need for your comfort. Air conditioning, a private terrace, TV and free internet access are also provided.

Platán Hotel is a pet-friendly accommodation, so you can bring your pets with you to your holiday. The programmes in Zamárdi include many dog-friendly events, so there’s no limit to the adventures you can have with your puppies.

Leisure time at Platán Hotel is also pleasant, with a peaceful garden with old plane trees, a volleyball court, pool tables and a great playground for children. All this just two minutes from the shores of Lake Balaton.

Come to Zamárdi and discover this true Balaton village!