Family-friendly accommodation at Lake Balaton

May. 13. 2024.

Family-friendly accommodation at Lake Balaton

May. 13. 2024.

szállás Balaton csalái nyaralás Platán Hotel Zamárdi

Get ready for an unforgettable holiday in Zamárdi!

There are still a few weeks of low season at Platán Hotel and it means lower prices. Summer is already at Lake Balaton’s doorstep, ready to free you from the monotony of everyday life and offer countless activities. Platán Hotel, a comfortable and family-friendly accommodation at Lake Balaton, is the perfect ingredient for your best holiday this year.

The most beautiful time of the year is upon us. Get ready for the upcoming cavalcade of weeks with Platán Hotel. Come to Zamárdi and immerse yourself in the summer mood. Here are some great tips for the May-June period. Join us and discover the experiences!


accommodation at Lake Balaton family holiday Platán Hotel Zamárdi

Zamárdi is the heart of Lake Balaton


Head to Zamárdi for the Pentecost long weekend

If you haven’t made plans for the Pentecost long weekend yet, don’t wait any longer! Platán Hotel is a comfortable accommodation at Lake Balaton with a typical Balaton atmosphere and a beautiful green garden, perfect for a short getaway. In 2024, Pentecost Monday falls on May 20th, giving you the perfect opportunity to enjoy a three-day long weekend here on the south coast of Lake Balaton in true summer style.


Gastronomic adventures

In Zamárdi, the Cooking Competition held every year during the Pentecost long weekend has become a tradition.

The 2024 Pentecost Season Opening and Cooking Competition is waiting for you on 18 May 2024 at the event space in Zamárdi. The programme will offer a whole range of gastronomic experiences, as a number of professional and amateur teams will compete to make the most delicious dishes for the jury and guests eager to taste these culinary delights.

The weekend of Pentecost is not the end of the programmes in Zamárdi, as the beginning of summer will await you with thousands of adventures in the coming weeks. Children’s Day is coming, the lavender blossoms at the beginning of June and the waterside is alive with the joy of life.


Family holiday for Children’s Day

For little ones, there’s nothing more uplifting than quality time with the people they really love. Even in the rush of the end of the school year, it’s worth taking a moment to bring the family together, as a few days spent together can create unforgettable memories for children and adults alike.

Children’s Day is celebrated on 31 May, when you have the chance to treat your children and of course yourselves to a day out together. And if you need comfortable accommodation at Lake Balaton, you can choose from our range of rooms, including two bed, three bad and family rooms.

A delicious breakfast to start the day and pleasant pastimes

Platán Hotel is a family-friendly accommodation at Lake Balaton, where the whole family is guaranteed to have a great time. Our comfortable rooms with terraces, delicious bites for breakfast, beautiful gardens and wide range of services all contribute to your relaxation. Breakfast is included in the room rate. All you have to do is walk down to the canteen, where you can choose from a selection of delicacies on the buffet table.

A relaxing holiday is guaranteed, whether you prefer lounging in your room or relaxing by the pool. Platán Hotel also has a great playground, a volleyball court and a pool table.

If you’d like to relax and celebrate Children’s Day on May 26, 2024, you should visit the event space in Zamárdi, where a variety of programmes await families.


accommodation at Lake Balaton family holiday Platán Hotel Zamárdi

Kőröshegy Lavender Field


Lavenders in June

A trip to the Köröshegy Lavender Fields, where thousands of purple flowers are blooming at this time of year, is a real bucket-list activity. Anyone who has been to a lavender harvest knows that summer can hardly begin without a lavender programme.

The harvest will start from 7 June 2024 at Kőröshegy, just a stone’s throw from Zamárdi. Flower picking lasts for almost two months, as the 8 hectares of dazzling lavender fields bloom throughout the summer. Spend a few hours relaxing in the shady groves and enjoy the soothing effects of this special herb.

You can never have enough lavender

For true lavender fans, the Tihany Lavender Festival is also a must-visit. If you fancy a little adventure on the purple-clad slopes of the north coast of Lake Balaton, Zamárdi is still the perfect base. Platán Hotel is an excellent accommodation at Lake Balaton for lavender adventures in every respect, as the regular ferry services of the neighbouring Szántód Ferry make it easy to get to Tihany.


Tours Around Lake Balaton: Attractions of the Wonderful Landscapes

Platán Hotel is an excellent choice for accommodation at Lake Balaton if you’re seeking adventure around the lake, as it provides convenient access to both smaller and larger explorations in the area. You can also rent bikes locally, so all you need to do is choose a scenic route. The BalatonBike365 app is a great companion for bicycle tours!

We also recommend a visit to the Kőhegy Lookout, which offers a fabulous view of Lake Balaton, but the coastal walks and the numerous interesting sights of Zamárdi also offer special experiences.


Cosy accommodation at Lake Balaton

Book your accommodation at Lake Balaton and let the summer begin!

Platán Hotel is the ideal base for a carefree holiday. The accommodation at Lake Balaton offers a true Balaton atmosphere and pleasant surroundings just two minutes from the coast. Relaxing in this environment is a real pleasure. But do not forget! Book early because our 16 cosy rooms with terraces are very popular again this year, and they will sell out quickly.

Don’t miss the opportunity, click on booking and come to Zamárdi! You can easily book your accommodation online with just a few clicks. By paying the deposit fee, you can secure a comfortable room awaiting your arrival. You can pay simply using a credit card or by using your debit card. Make your reservation in just a few minutes. See you soon in the shade of the plane trees!